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50L White Bag 70% COCO 30% Perlite 1

50L White bag 70% COCO 30% perlite EC<0.5 40 ct pallet

50L White bag 70% COCO 30% perlite EC<0.5

Root Royale COCOLITE is a 70/30 mixture of natural growing medium produced from premium grade coconut husks and perlite, respectively. Root Royale COCOLITE has a high water absorption rate and maintains 30% air porosity, which results in optimum growing conditions for your plants. The coco coir consists of 45% cellulose material which prevents the growing medium from compacting or decomposing. All Root RoyaleCOCOLITE goes through an ageing and wash treatment to reduce EC readings. Root Royale COCOLITE is free of harmful parasites and diseases and is RHP certified making it a brand you can count on and trust!

(Claims pursuant to requirements detailed in RHP MOD330 and MOD490)



  • Cut open the top of the bag and pour Root Royale COCOLITE into a pot or container.
  • Fill the pot to your desired level and firmly compact.
  • Moisten the medium with a preferred nutrient solution designed specifically for coco coir growing mediums.
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