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Tappin Roots Solid Bloom

Tappin Roots Solid Bloom

When plants reach the budding and blooming  stage of growth, they need a precise blend of plant foods to reach their full potential. Derived from natural sources, Solid Bloom is the key to unlocking your plants’ flowering potential. Highly effective, nutrient dense, and perfectly balanced, Solid Bloom provides the elements plants need to develop an abundant explosion of flowers and fruits.

Our high-phosphorus, water-soluble formula delivers concentrated bat and seabird guano, essential minerals, and a wide spectrum of targeted nutrients. Solid Bloom is specifically tailored to develop dense and abundant flowering and prosperous fruit yields while boosting overall plant quality and hardiness.


  • Fast acting
  • Flower Food
  • Bloom Booster
  • Substantial increase in bud set
  • A dense canopy of lavish blooms
  • Abundant and longer Fruiting & flowering
  • Maximized & prolonged crop yields
  • Zero synthetics ingredients
  • Dilute at only 10-15 mls per gallon – 1 gallon of Solid Bloom makes 252-378 gallons of fertilizer!

When used as directed, the natural elements in Solid Bloom will spark a flowering frenzy and a high yield of sweet fruits.

The bioavailability of Solid Bloom enables plants to assimilate the exact nutrients needed to form the building blocks for robust flower growth. With proper application, you will notice an increase in bud set, followed by a canopy of lavish and more fragrant blossoms. This abundant flowering then leads to high fruit and vegetable yields in food-bearing crops. Expect to see exceptional performance throughout the budding, blooming, and fruiting stages, along with noticeably improved hardiness.

Every ingredient in Solid Bloom has been selected for its proven ability to support optimum flower production without the use of harmful chemicals or synthetics. We mindfully select all ingredients from clean, natural, and organic sources, and we utilize a chemical-free extraction process to preserve the integrity of each ingredient. This approach to quality ensures a top-tier product that is safe and effective for all gardeners.

  • Additional Information

    olid Bloom is Rich in Natural:

    • Macronutrients
    • Concentrated high guanos
    • Essential trace minerals

    Solid Bloom is compatible with:

    • All soil and soil-less growing media
    • Filtered drip systems

    Use Solid Bloom on all flowering plants, including bedding plants, fruit trees, citrus, ornamentals, vegetable crops, herbs, indoor plants, and all flowering gardens.

    Help your plants reach their full potential − use Solid Bloom to quickly trigger abundant flowers throughout the season!

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