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Sturdy Stalk

Sturdy Stalk

Sturdy Stalk strengthens plant cell walls to support heavier harvests and crop resilience with our potassium silicate supplement.

Sturdy Stalk, Emerald Harvest’s premium potassium silicate supplement, is a valuable addition to your feeding program at crucial stages in the crop life cycle when fruits and flowers are putting on girth and weight. The silica in the formulation helps increase the rigidity and thickness of plant cell walls, making your crops sturdier. Sturdy crops can better withstand environmental stressors and support heavy yields. Sturdy Stalk also helps increase the potency of harvests and gives an added boost to blooms with its 0-0-1 NPK.

Why Use Sturdy Stalk Potassium Silicate?

Sturdy Stalk ensures your crops can support heavier harvests, better endure environmental stressors and resist other threats.

  • Thicker and more rigid plant cell walls for studier plants
  • Better stress resistance and overall crop hardiness
  • More prolific budding, flowering and yields

What Makes it Work?

Sturdy Stalk’s key ingredient—silica—fortifies the internal structures plants need to support top-heavy plants laden with flowers and fruits.

  • Soluble silicon derived from potassium silicate
  • High (11.2%) silica (silicon dioxide or SO2) content
  • Additional bloom-boosting potassium

Shields crops
Thicker cell walls are harder to pierce and penetrate.

Sturdier all around
Imparts greater mechanical strength to support big buds.

Bloom boost
Complements your main bloom booster with a little extra K.

Sturdy Stalk Application Rate: 2-5mL/Gal - Use when needed from early vegetative through late fowering phase. Recommended for use on water days only

Note: Do not use Cal-Mag and Sturdy Stalk in the same watering.

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