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Emerald Harvest pH Down

Emerald Harvest pH Down

Keep your nutrient solution in the sweet spot with Emerald Harvest® pH Down. A pH reading above 6.5 is considered too alkaline for most hydroponic gardens. This premium pH acidifier allows you to reduce the pH of your nutrient solution. Use pH Down as needed for guaranteed professional results.


pH Up and pH Down are buffers composed of a weak base (up) and weak acid (down) designed to correct pH imbalances in hydroponic gardens.

  • pH Up when the pH tests too acidic
  • pH Down when the pH tests too alkaline
  • Small, root-and-substrate-friendly quantities

Why Use It?

pH Up and pH Down regulate the pH for optimal nutrient uptake and stable beneficial bacteria colonies, and they forestall nutrient deficiencies.


  • Emerald Harvest professional base nutrients and supplements are pH buffered, so if you’re using our full product line as directed, your garden should already have a balanced pH.
  • When the pH of the nutrient solution is too low or too high, certain elements (e.g., iron or manganese) could be wholly or partially “locked out.”
  • The sweet spot, pH 5.8–6.3, is the ideal pH range for high-value plants grown in hydroponic gardens.
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