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Perlite Bag #4

Perlite #4 Large & Bulky 4 cu.ft. bag 30ct Pallet

Perlite #4

Perlite is a lightweight soil amendment that can be used to improve drainage and aeration in potting mixes. Perlite encourages strong root development by helping to prevent soil compaction. Perlite has a neutral pH, is sterile, and can also be used alone as a medium for hydroponics or for starting cuttings.

Perlite #4 features large, bulky particles which maximize nutrient uptake, drainage, aeration, and help prevent water rot at the root level. Perlite can be used as a stand-alone medium in drip systems or as a mix-in element with other growth mediums, and works especially well for plants that need excellent drainage.



  • Neutral pH levels
  • Sterile and contaminant free
  • Use to improve drainage and aeration in potting mixes
  • Helps prevent soil compaction to improve growing conditions
  • Weed-free soil amendment improves soil without adding unwanted ingredients

Ingredients: Perlite

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