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Feedme Genetics Apple Popz Feminized 5 Pack Box Set

Feedme Genetics Apple Popz Feminized 5 Pack Box Set





This cross is a special project to us because of the variety of phenos that emerged and we loved absolutlely every one of them but we finally took our

Best breeder cut of Beleaf Cananbis (Chimera #3) and crossed it with the most phenomenal In-House selection of (Applelicious) to bring you our

Terpalicious color explosion cross APPLE POPZ not just because of its unique terp profile but its over whelming hue of colors it gave us. 


This beast of a plant just kept growing and the super early on trichome prodution made this an addition a must for any consouire so we just had to add it.

We love all the smells of sour green apples mixing with your familiar orange tic-tacs coming from Chimera #3 creating a gassy fruit explosion for the consumer.

This strain is extremely potent and will for sure make all your tastebuds tingle. Very relaxing effects great for any lazy afternoon to relax and escape all your stress.


This cross is better for after work and not so great for any projects you may have in mind it will have you chasing your tail and the taste of this strain makes its 

Smokablilty incredible and of course its jar appeal can't go without being stated it really yells at you front he shelf

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