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Emerald Harvest Emerald Goddess

Emerald Harvest Emerald Goddess

Emerald Harvest Emerald Goddess will nurture your plants with the best naturally occurring biocatalytic compounds found in Mother Nature and our invigorating plant tonic.

Nurture your valuable crops with Emerald Goddess, an invigorating plant tonic from Emerald Harvest. We’ve taken Mother Nature’s best naturally occurring elements and other components and purified and refined them into a superlative one-shot addition for satisfyingly big yields in your garden. Brimming with the finest Earth-friendly natural ingredients such as alfalfa and seaweed extracts, Emerald Goddess contributes additional macronutrients, vitamin B1 and humic acid. These are the building blocks that will enable your plants to grow strong and flower abundantly. Emerald Goddess summons the best harvest by putting the best nutrition in your garden with an NPK of 2-1-4, without any chemicals or additives that harm the Earth.

Why Use Emerald Goddess Premium Plant Tonic?

Emerald Goddess benefits crops throughout their life cycle by encouraging crop vitality, and it’s suitable for foliar feeding or as a root drench.

  • Natural biocatalysts that encourage fast growth and flowering
  • Building blocks for plants to bud and bloom abundantly
  • Increased nutrient uptake and root development

What Makes it Work?

Emerald Goddess is brimming with Earth-friendly, natural ingredients—alfalfa, kelp and humic acid—that do no harm to Mother Nature (or your values).

  • Natural sources of proteins and amino acids
  • Humic acid, derived from leonardite, and vitamin B1
  • A little extra nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

Guilt-free supplement
Made from natural ingredients with no harmful additives.

Biocatalytic effects
The phytohormones in kelp and alfalfa drive plant metabolism.

Natural chelators
Humic acid boosts nutrient absorption and fosters the root environment.

Good for cuttings
Vitamin B1 and other natural compounds make roots more resilient.

More N, P and K
Gives growth and flowering an extra kick of N, P and K.

Get the benefits of multiple products from other brands in one great tonic.

Seedlings & CuttingsTransplantsEarly VegLate VegWeek 1Week 2
  6 mL/Gal6 mL/Gal6 mL/Gal8 mL/Gal
Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9
8 mL/Gal10 mL/Gal10 mL/Gal10 mL/Gal10 mL/Gal5 mL/Gal
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