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Cyco Suga Rush

Cyco Suga Rush

CYCO Platinum Series Suga Rush

CYCO Platinum Series Suga Rush is an additive that is solely used during the flowering or reproductive cycle of plant growth.

CYCO Suga Rush is also a source of potassium which aids in the movement of sugars through the plant

  • - May help to retain sugar for increased taste and quality
  • - Facilitates the movement of sugars throughout the plant
  • - Increases yield in fruiting and flowering crops
  • - CYCO products make use of ingredients that consist of analytical, pharmaceutical, technical or food grade to ensure our product is of the highest quality

Guaranteed Analysis for Suga Rush:

Available Phosphate (P2O5).........................0.5%

Soluble Potash (K2O)............................0.3%

Derived from:

Monopotassium Phosphate

Guarnteed analysis on product label may vary due to different states regulatory requirements.

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