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Cyco Silica 1L

Cyco Silica 1L

SKU: HGC760746

CYCO Platinum Series Silica

CYCO Platinum Series Silica is an additive used through the vegetative and flowering periods of plant growth to bolster stem, leaf, and stalk thickness while also aleviating heat stress.

CYCO Silica contains potassium silicate. Silica is a primary component in the construction of cell walls along with calcium. Having an increased supply of silica allows for the plant to more easily go through cell reproduction aiding in continued plant development all while making the surfaces of the plant phyically thicker through enhanced cell walls.

CYCO Silica is a source of silicon dioxide which is a highly soluble source of silica. This refined source allows silica to more readily enter the plants metabolism than what is normally possible.

  • - Primary component in formation of cell walls in plants
  • - Reducing heat stress by preventing plant transpiration
  • - Builds strong stems, stalks, and thick leaves
  • - Contains silicon dioxide
  • - Aids in development of new vegetation and flowering
  • - CYCO products make use of ingredients that consist of analytical, pharmaceutical, technical or food grade to ensure our product is of the highest quality

Guaranteed Analysis for Silica:

Soluble Potash (K2O)............................3%

Derived from:

Potassium Silicate (Si)

Also contains non-plant food ingredients:

- 6% Silicon (Si) (derived from Potassium Silicate)

Guarnteed analysis on product label may vary due to different states regulatory requirements.

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