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Cyco Ryzofuel 1L

Cyco Ryzofuel 1L

SKU: HC760732

CYCO Platinum Series Ryzofuel

CYCO Platinum Series Ryzofuel is a unique and exclusive product to the CYCO brand. Used only in the vegetative growth cycle, Ryzofuel aids greatly in root, steam, and leaf formation.

CYCO Ryzofuel is unique to the CYCO Platinum Series as its primary ingredients were registered by parent compant SJ Enterprises for use in American agriculture for the very first time.

Ryzofuel consists of enzymatically digested Tasnmanian kelp.

CYCO Ryzofuel is also a source of potassium in the vegetative stages of growth aiding in new root formation.

  • - Contains solely kelp
  • - Enables root growth throughout the cycle
  • - Encourages growth
  • - Enzymatically processed
  • - CYCO products make use of ingredients that consist of analytical, pharmaceutical, technical or food grade to ensure our product is of the highest quality

Guaranteed Analysis for Ryzofuel:

Soluble Potash (K2O)............................0.2%

Derived from:


Guarnteed analysis on product label may vary due to different states regulatory requirements.

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