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Grimm Brother Seeds Apollo Pack

Brothers Grimm Seeds Apollo Feminized Seed Packs + 1 bonus seed in every pack

The Apollo strain is powerful sativa dominant hybrid crafted to blast off your energy, happiness, and creativity.


Apollo flowering time is around 55 – 63 days and you can grow Apollo indoors or outside with ease. For optimal results, we suggest initiating the flowering stage after the Apollo seedlings have reached an age of 6 to 8 weeks. SCROG / SOG growing techniques work well with the Apollo strain.


Apollo is a very strong hybrid with citrus and tropical aromas and taste. Overall, the Apollo strain is a reliable powerhouse in the Brothers Grimm Seeds stable of designer cannabis genetics.  Plus she’s vigorous, resilient and extremely stable. Expect big dense baseball bat sized colas with the old-school Apollo strain in your home grow.

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