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BIG FOOT GOLD Mycorrhizae 32oz

BIG FOOT GOLD Mycorrhizae 32oz

Big Foot Gold is the all-in-one solution for adding mycorrhizae to any plant, along with giving your soil and plants a boost with added beneficials.

Increases your plants’ nutrient and water uptake, reduce transplant shock and make your plants more drought-tolerant with improved root growth and fruit and flower yield – all naturally.


Direct To Root:

Use 1 TSP of Big Foot Gold per clone/small plant, 1 TBSP per larger plant – ensure thorough coverage. 

Solution Ratio:

Mix 1 TSP per 2 gallons of water, stir well.
Existing Plants:

Drench solution into the root zone at the rates below:

4″ pot – 3 oz of solution
1 gal pot – 5 oz of solution
3 gal pot – 16 oz of solution
5 gal pot – 32 oz of solution



Add 1 tsp of Big Foot Gold per liquid gallon of tea/brew.


1 tsp per 10 gallons (of water)
2 tsp per 20 gallons
3 tsp per 50 gallons
5 tsp per 100 gallons
Settling will occur – this is normal.

Sprinkle Big Foot Gold inside of the potting hole, ensuring thorough coverage. Place plant directly on the powder and backfill with soil.

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