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What to use for curing and storing your latest harvest!

With Croptober leaning into Cropvember, I wanted to write an article going over best products and practices to use for storing your medicinal plants such as medical marijuana and herbs like, rosemary, sage, lavender and so much more. I normally like to focus on products that involves ALL types of plants, but when it comes to curing and storage... This step is equally, if not, more important process than just growing and harvesting. We will be going over a few storage and curing solutions, such as Cvaults, Grove Bags, Bovedas, and Cure Tubes. We have used every product ourselves and we actually do not favor one over the other, yet! I'm leaning more into Grove Bags and you'll see why but they are ALL equally great when used correctly!

CVaults, the all STEEL way to store and cure your stuff!

Cvaults are 304 stainless steel storage containers specifically designed for cannabis use. However, they can be used for tobacco, spices, and other dried goods as well. One of the main reasons its a popular choice besides the air tight seal and the stainless steel, is the complete darkness it inhibits for flower which is very important!

They come in a variety sizes from 1 gram containers to 50L that can carry between 5LB-10LB at a time. Depending on the size, when you buy a Cvault, you will also get a boveda humidity pack to maintain the humidity in the storage container. Cvaults with Boveda, helps enhance the flavor and aroma of your product. 62% humidity Boveda packs are the ones you get when you purchase a Cvault, the right humidity for your flower!

Boveda Humidity Packs

The Boveda humidity packs by Two-Way Control is an innovative product to control the RH humidity of your product. Depending on what your product is, they have various humidity and sizes for any occassion. Cigars tend to be at a 69-72% humidity while medical cannabis needs to be at 58-62% relative humidity. Two-Way has created it all through science by just mixing water and certain salts, with this formula it keeps the package that the boveda stays in at that humidity, even if the humidity drops or raises it WILL keep that humidity at that designated target for the life span of the pack. In other words, it protects your terpenes, keeps your product from getting too dry or too much moisture which leads to mold issues! Yuck! If your not a fan of Bovedas, Integra Boost is another great option!


Grove Bags - An alternative curing solution!

Grove Bags is a fairly new and very popular alternative to storing your medicinal product. It was created by Jack Grover and has been in business since 2016. His reasoning for creating such an amazing product is inspired by his brother's battle with cerebral palsy to enter the medical cannabis industry and provide a new packaging system to preserve higher quality of medicine.

We became retail partners with this company in late 2020 from customers asking about it. We typically, especially in the early days, took note of our customer needs and acted on it as soon as possible. Every since, we have used this for our own personal garden and it has become the most cost-effective and convenient product we've personally used to date. There is no need to burp your product when using Grove Bags, unlike the traditional jar/container and humidity pack method. There is also no need to add a humidity pack as the patented terploc technology that Grove Bags provide, keeps your product at a RH humidity of 58-62% humidity year-round. They are also very cost effective for a semi long-term curing storage. Their are many options online, but if you have a hydroponic store near you that carries them, ALWAYS go there first, as you'll get a better deal shopping local!

You haven't tried Grove Bags on any of their various sizes, this is a MUST TRY product for sure, and you will not be disappointed! This item is also 100% USA made! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Curetubes, another great USA made curing storage unit!

Curetubes was developed and designed for a more efficient storage solution that allows for better quality while allowing the user/owner to have actual insight and control of temperature and humidity! Curetube solves that problem for small hobbyist growers to commercial size cultivators alike. Curetubes are known to be used in the medical cannabis field but are used everyday in other industries such as coffee, candy, hops, and so forth. Let's dive into what sets Curetubes apart from the rest of it's competitors.

Easy Burp Lid - Burping aka "letting your product breathe" is a very crucial step in the curing process no matter what product your trying to cure! The lids on the curetube has an easy-to-use access door with wide parameters that allows you to do the burping process of your cure. This lids can be bought seperately, which we will provide a link, and fits on ANY USA 5 Gal bucket, which is very convenient and cost effective!

The lid also has a built in Hygrometer that allows you to see and monitor the temperature and humidity inside your container without opening up the Curetube. That feature alone is one of the reasons we use it for our storage needs!

The Liner provides the necessary environment inside the container for your product and is completely independent on outside conditions. This allows us not to worry about our product despite any harsh, dry, or humid the outside conditions are.

The Curetube also has an oxygen and humidity slot to put your humidity packs (Bovedas) or an oxygen packet!

Curetube is designed to sit horizontally to allow for mobility to move, tumble, or rotate your product when necessary.

Curetubes come in a 1-3LB container size or 4-6 LB container size. You can also just purchase the lids and liners seperately if you wish to use your own 5 gallon buckets! You can find all their products exclusively through their website:

You can purchase the lids on amazon or through us directly!

These are my 4 product choices for storing and curing your precious harvests! As always, we appreciate you guys reading our blogs and showing your support for small business! Don't forget to check out our social media platforms and our beneficial videos on Youtube for more information!

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