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Top 3 Organic Liquid Fertilizers for Versatility!

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Here we discuss the 3 best organic fertilizers that my wife and I have personally used on our vegetable, flower, and medicinal gardens. This topic is of course subjective, as there are many GREAT organic fertilizers on the market right now.

It seems with the way the US economy is heading, being self-sufficient is a MUST in these trying times. Whether you are new to gardening or a seasoned pro, our store has a variety of products to fit every gardener's needs! Now let's talk about these nutrients!

These 3 fertilizers are all naturally derived from organic inputs. Being organic makes it much better for in-ground gardening than growing in-ground with salt-based nutrients. This mitigates the difficulty of flushing out any harmful materials like heavy metals.

My wife and I are huge fans of organic gardening methods. We top dress, build soil mixes and of course, we mix liquid nutrients or compost teas for readily active nutrients and microbes to enter the soil and be available for when the plant needs it most.

If you are in Southern Oklahoma, come by and see what we can offer! We are always happy and ready to help at PJ's Plants and Nutrition, LLC! The nutrient lines discussed in this blog and more, are available at our physical and online stores! For those not in the region or who prefer the convenience of online shopping, I'll be putting links to not only the products we sell on our site, but also other sites to give you options that best fit your shopping preferences.

Aurora Innovations Root Organics

To start, I want to begin with the brand that has the most selection out of its arsenal and that is Roots Organics! 100% ORGANIC with all inputs derived from bi-products of the sea, land, and livestock. This product is perfect for a garden or small farm/grow.

They have a great bundle called "Player Pack" which will be great to get anyone started, no matter what their experience level is.

Roots Organics Player Pack

  • 16 oz Buddha Grow

  • 16 oz Buddha Bloom

  • 16 oz Trinity

  • 8 oz Extreme Serene

  • 8 oz Ancient Amber

  • 8 oz HP2, 8 oz HPK

  • 1.8 oz Oregonism XL

The Roots Organics Player Pack is strictly designed for potting soil only. This is because the organic inputs clog any irrigation line and emitters. We will go over a more hydroponic-friendly method later on.

This is the perfect starter kit for all soil-based gardens and farms!

- Buddha Grow and Buddha Bloom work in conjunction to effectively absorb nutrients the plants will need.

- Oregonism XL is a great additive for your roots! Even if you don't need the whole starter kit, this product is a great additive by itself! Not only is it great for creating a strong healthy root zone, but it is also budget-friendly!

- HP2 and HPK are the bloom additives of this kit and they do not disappoint. You start with the HP2 for the first 2-3 weeks and taper off and add HPK for the rest of the weeks in your bloom cycle while also adding in HP2 with it in the last few weeks of that cycle!

It is truly an amazing product, definitely check it out when you can!

Dandelion Enterprise Tappin' Roots Liquid Fertilizers

This summer (despite record-breaking heat waves) we decided early on to try something new, but also organic. That nutrient line is Tappin' Roots! This liquid fertilizer is a great nutrient line for your plants and one of the best features of this line is its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Tappin' Roots Does have a soil amender/builder called Tappin' Roots Dyameic Fertilizer that is great too if you're looking for something just to amend your soil so you do not have to do any mixing in the water!

But for now, we will focus on their liquid line which is a simple 3 part program. The 3-part system is used for more commercial applications but Tappin' Roots has two different feed schedules you can utilize, with one using the soil amender along with the 3 parts for an extra boost!

The first nutrient in the system is Tappin' Roots All Stages.

-As the name states you will use this throughout the entire plant cycle. Derived from 100% all-natural and biodegradable ingredients, this is a great choice to get started with! The kelp extract in each bottle helps with the development of those roots! If you are in the market for something different and/or equivalent to this one, check out Fox Farm's Big Bloom! Similar mix rates are all organic as well!

-Tappin' Roots Essential Grow is the 2nd part and it helps build the "structure" of the plant.

100% organic and bioavailable, giving the plants what they need for robust growth! This nutrient leads to lush green leaves, thick stems, and improved plant structure to give your plants a better yield at the end of the day! Use in conjunction with all three towards the end of the vegetative phase and towards the end of the plant cycle for better fruit and flower production!

-Tappin' Roots Solid Bloom is the last part of this system. The main ingredients are focused on concentrated seabird and bat guano to bring in all the macro and micronutrients your plants will need during the bloom cycle. Solid bloom in conjunction with Essential Grow will bring in more bud sites, and more fruit, vegetable, and medicinal yields on food-bearing and medicinal crops!

Earth Juice Liquid Fertilizers Original 5

The last one on our list, but not the least, is the Earth Juice line! Earth Juice has a wide range of fertilizers, both organic and inorganic. Their SeaBlast line is AMAZING! A truly phenomenal water-soluble fertilizer with both inorganic and organic inputs! I will post some links for those wanting to try that out.

- Earth Juice Grow, used in conjunction with MicroBlast for the entirety of the feeding cycle, excels in robust growth and leaf production from the get-go! Later used with Bloom and the other additives helps in the aid of more flower production till the ripening stage! For those more interested in a

simple feed schedule, Grow and Bloom would be all you would need to get the necessary output!

There is a downside for commercial farmers with the only viable option to water their plants by "hand feeding" them. This takes up a lot of

time and effort when growing any kind of plant!

Earth Juice Bloom is the next base nutrient in the lineup. This product is used to enable rich flower development and aids in the creation of oil production and fragrance! When used with the macro/micro nutrients that you get with Grow and Microblast, you will see a major difference in the structure of your plant! This product has the same downside as the Grow, it likes to settle and you can only "hand-feed", to make sure no emitters or lines get clogged! On a side note, it's very common for organic nutrients to do this. Many organic ingredients, even in concentrate form, come out pretty thick (especially when you get lower in the bottle and it settles!). It doesn't mean it's not any good, just shake vigorously!

Earth Juice MicroBlast is exactly what it states! A diverse blend of ingredients to make sure your plant has all the micronutrients it needs to prevent and correct micronutrient deficiencies! From Boron and Manganese to Zinc and Iron, all the ingredients to make a plant strong and healthy!

Earth Juice Meta-K fixes any potassium deficiencies your plants may be facing and it also prevents them when used regularly through weekly feedings! Derived from the Sulfate of Potash, this organic supplement promotes drought/heat resistance and better root growth and comes to the plants' aid when reaching higher yields for your plants in the blooming stage!

Earth Juice Xatalyst is more than your typical bud sweetener! This liquid goodness improves the vitality in your mycorrhizal colony, providing better root function throughout the cycle. It also stimulates opulent fruiting/bud sites triggering early yields with better nutrient uptake! Derived from Oat Bran, Kelp, Wheat Malt, Molasses, and Yeast, it's no surprise Earth Juice has created a unique and one-of-kind high-quality product!

In Conclusion...

I do want to end this on a simple note that this is a biased post. There are a TON of great organic liquid nutrient lines out there! I'm personally just scraping the surface on all the different organic lines on the market today! We've personally used all of these and a few others. I found that for "our" environment, these are what performed well in our vicinity (Southern Oklahoma). All these products will soon be on our online store with free shipping and if you are ever in Ardmore Oklahoma come pay us a visit! Even if it's just a simple "Hello!". We love providing advice and knowledge to those that want to learn and start something new and exciting like gardening! Till the next one, thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope everyone has a great week!

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