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Local Grow Spotlight - Weed Wagon

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

For our very first Local Grower Spotlight we are happy to shine

the light on Weed Wagon! Not only are their plants and harvest beautiful, they have a variety of strains with impressive test results!

The current strains they have available are:

- Legend OG

- Wedding Cake

- Ice-cream Cake

- GG#4

- Cookiewreck

- Strawana

- Georgia Pie

- London Mintz

- Apple Fritter

And coming soon:

- Purple Kush

- G13

- Badazz Cheese

- Amnesia Purple

- Blueberry Headband

- Critical Jack

To feed their lovely ladies Weed Wagon utilizes the Flora line from General Hydroponics with a mix of TPS Signal and Canopy foliar spray with some added Flora-Flex additives in when they go into bloom.

This impressive grow is owned and operated by Gary Caldwell, Ty Wallace, Taylor Langdon, and David Fredrickson. Now lets get to the test results and location of where you all con locate these buds!

You can find their flower at Modern Day Hippie!

Modern Day Hippie is located at 8710 US-70 Unit B, Mead OK 73449 580-634-2415

Strains and Test Results!!!

Click the links below to see test results

Would you like to be featured in our Local Grow Spotlight?

Below is a pdf with questions and directions to participate! This is not a cannabis specific program. If you have a garden and sell at farmer's markets, or just want to show off your harvest, click the link below! :)

Local Grow Spotlight
Download PDF • 129KB

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