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Local Grow Spotlight - Debbie's Garden

Debbie is showing off her garden for this week's spotlight! She has a beautiful variety of plants that not only brighten up her home, but adds beauty to the whole neighborhood.

The current plants she tends to are:

- Roses

- Salvias

- Geraniums

- Wisterias

- Yew

- Honeysuckle Vines

- Morning Glories

- Petunias

- Pentas

To feed her lovely garden Debbie uses Azomite, Fish Sh!t, and Roots Organics Buddha Bloom.

Would you like to be featured in our Local Grow Spotlight?

Below is a pdf with questions and directions to participate! This is not a cannabis specific program. If you have a garden and sell at farmer's markets, or just want to show off your harvest, click the link below! :)

Local Grow Spotlight
Download PDF • 129KB


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