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Cyco Dr. Repair 5L

Cyco Dr. Repair 5L

SKU : HGC760739

CYCO Platinum Series Dr. Repair

CYCO Platinum series Dr. Repair is an additive used throughout the vegetative and flowering periods of plant growth to prevent chlorosis and sooth environmental stresses.

Dr. Repair contains balanced amounts of urea based nitrogen which is fast acting and works to compliment available nitrates to infuse the plant with already present minerals to repair chlorosis or lack of chlorophyll.

Nitrogen is key in the formation of aminco acids, physical cell strucure as well as enabling the replacemnt of missing chlorophyll molecules. In addition, Dr. Repair contains chelated iron in the form on Iron EDTA. A necessary component in the product of chlorophyll, this infusion of immediately available and complex iron works to correct chlorosis.

  • - Readily available source of plant available iron
  • - Nitrogen for regeneration of physical cell structure
  • - Correction of chlorosis by the formation of chlorophyll
  • - Usable as a soil drench for severly deficient plants
  • - Usable in all stages of plant growth
  • - CYCO products make use of ingredients that consist of analytical, pharmaceutical, technical or food grade to ensure our product is of the highest quality

Guaranteed Analysis for Dr. Repair:

Total Nitrogen (N)............................3%

- 3% Urea Nitrogen

Iron (Fe)............................0.6%

- 0.6% Chelated Iron

Derived from:

Urea, Iron EDTA

Guarnteed analysis on product label may vary due to different states regulatory requirements.

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