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Brother Grimm G13 Seed Pack

Brothers Grimm Seeds G13 Genius Feminized Seed Pack

Step into the enigmatic realm of G13 Genius, a strain that shrouds itself in cosmic mystery, emanating an aura of intrigue and intensity. Like a cosmic enigma, this strain holds the allure of an unknown universe, captivating the senses with its mystique and hidden potential.


With the ticking time bomb effect characteristic of this strain, G13 Genius becomes an enigmatic force that ignites a sensory exploration akin to unraveling the mysteries of the universe. Its effects slowly unfold, building up to a crescendo of mental engagement and heightened perception that mirrors the ticking of an otherworldly clock.


As the cosmic journey unfolds, G13 Genius transcends the ordinary, guiding the mind through a labyrinth of cerebral engagement and a nebulous world of intensified sensations. Its enigmatic essence evokes an aura of cosmic wonderment, offering an experience that feels like decoding the secrets of the universe while navigating the uncharted depths of the mind.


The G13 Genius strain encapsulates the enigmatic allure of cosmic exploration, offering an unparalleled journey that unfolds like a celestial mystery, leaving an indelible mark on the senses with its intense, ticking time bomb effects and enigmatic prowess.

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