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GrowoniX 200 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter

GrowoniX 200 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Filter

Flows 8.5 gallons per hour of pure RO water, with an astounding 2:1 ratio

Designed to flow 8.5 gallons per hour of pure RO water, with an astounding 2:1 ratio for high flow rates and water savings never before seen in a package so affordable and durable. Utilizing the most efficient membrane technology in the world, built with dual o-ring fittings, and equipped with a steel pressure gauge.

The GrowoniX EX200 Systems Feature:

  • High Flow Cold Water membrane
  • 2:1 system ratios - The most efficient in the industry
  • Electrogalvanized powder coated steel brackets
  • One Coconut Carbon filter rated for 8,000 gallons chlorine reduction
  • High Flow pleated sediment filter, completely washable and reusable
  • Auto Shutoff Valve-for positive automatic shutoff when using a float valve
  • No additional pre-filters needed
  • Carbon capacity—8,000 total gallons of chlorine or chloramine removal, or 3,000 gallons of RO water at a 2:1 ratio.
  • *Chloramine removal requires a KDF85 carbon fiber.


For those who demand even more performance, the EX200 can be used with a booster pump, raising the system pressure to 80psi, increasing the gallon per day output.

For those with tap water that contains chloramines, the EX200 can be upgraded with a KDF/CAT carbon filter.

Accessories for all eX100-400 GPD Systems:

  • BP-1530 booster pump (raises input pressure to 80psi)
  • KDF85 Catalytic Carbon FilterFloat valve
  • UV-1530 Ultraviolet Filter
  • Float valve


Filter SizeStandard
System Ratio2:1
Nominal Salt Rejection %96%
Permeate Flow GPD200
Permeate Flow GPH8
Min Feed Flow GPM0.42
Max Feed Temp °F (°C)90 (32.2)
Min Feed Temp °F (°C)40 (4.44)
Max Ambient Temp °F (°C)115 (46.11)
Min Ambient Temp °F (°C)40 (4.44)
Max Feed Pressure psi80
Min Feed Pressure psi45
Max SDI Rating SDI<3
Max TDS ppm2000
Max Hardness gpg0
Max pH (Continuous)11
Min pH (Continuous)5
Max Turbidity NTU1
Feed Inch3/8" Tube
Permeate Inch1/4" Tube
Concentrate Inch1/4" Tube
Dimensions L x W x H inch14x7x15


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