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Cyco Kleanse

Cyco Kleanse

CYCO Platinum Series Kleanse

CYCO Platinum Series Kleanse is an additive used through the vegetative and flowering periods of plant growth to provide a clean rhyzosphere which aids in mineral uptake.

CYCO Kleanse is a unique and purposefully formulated cleansing agent for use with the CYCO Platinum Series line of plant nutrients. Once per feeding week, a flush is recommended and that is when Kleanse is best utilized. Kleanse contains natual acids that work to dissolve mineral deposits in the growing medium and on plant roots.

Kleanse is also a source of the simple carbohydrate dextrose which may be utilized by the latent bacteria present.

  • - Improves plant vigor and cleanliness of the root zone
  • - Dissolves mineral buld-up with natural acids
  • - Aiding operation catalyzed by microbe food
  • - Ultimate flushing properties through the whole
  • - CYCO products make use of ingredients that consist of analytical, pharmaceutical, technical or food grade to ensure our product is of the highest quality

Guaranteed Analysis for Kleanse:

4% Sugar (Dextrose) (Microbe food)

2% Citric Acid

94% Total other ingredients (as non plant food)

Guarnteed analysis on product label may vary due to different states regulatory requirements.

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