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Brother Grimm Seeds Durban Thai seed pack

Brothers Grimm Seeds Durban Thai Feminized Seed Pack

The sativa-dominant Durban Thai x Cinderella 99 strain is like a whirlwind of intensifying mental focus and shall we say, heightened mental engagement. It is known for being intense for some and creativity-inducing for others. Its intoxicating aromas blend musky incense with hints of black licorice and tart sweetness. The Durban Thai x C99 strain offers a unique thrilling experience for adventure-seeking types, artists, and people on the go.


Durban Thai x Cinderella 99 (DT x C99) yields are heavy from all the baseball bat size colas.


Durban Thai x Cinderella 99 (DT x C99) dominant terpenes include terpinolene, myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, and pinene.


Durban Thai x Cinderella 99 (DT x C99) flowering time is 63-72 days.

Grow Durban Thai x Cinderella 99 (DT x C99) in the natural Christmas tree shape and prune away any small, sucker branches to encourage huge colas to form on the ends of each branch. One tall, central stake along the stem will provide enough support for the entire flowering cycle, her robust branches are capable of supporting the heavy buds.

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