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Brothers Grimm Cinderella Pineapple Feminized Seed Pack

Brothers Grimm Cinderella Pineapple Feminized Seed Pack

Sativa dominant Cinderella Pineapple was created to satisfy all the nostalgic growers and smokers who remember the original Cinderella 99 as being more pineapple flavored.


Cinderella Pineapple flowering time is around 60 days and you can grow it indoors or outside. For optimal results indoors, we suggest initiating the flowering stage after the Cinderella Pineapple seedlings have reached an age of 6 to 8 weeks. Expect frosty, tight buds with foxtails and especially strong decaying pineapple. Overall, Cinderella Pineapple is a fast-flowering plant that likes extra calcium and magnesium. The structure of Cinderella Pineapple plants is well suited to netting. Outside and in greenhouses, Cinderella Pineapple can grow extremely tall.


Each pack comes with an extra seed! 

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